Interstate TDR-1

Research from Roger Keys
WWII Aircraft Research 

Over thirty years ago at a garage sale, Roger found an unusual looking model plane.  Having made dozens of models as a kid, he suspected it wasn't "just" a child’s toy.  But it was several years before a friend at a local fly-in saw the model and identified it as an Interstate TDR Drone. 


That was the beginning of a fascinating journey to learn the history of this once top secret WWII weapon and Roger's passionate mission to honor the dedication of those who developed and deployed this remote controlled bomb.  His research has taken him to the work shop of a TDR engineer in Wisconsin, and the reunions of the men of STAG ONE, the Navy air group that operated the drone in the South Pacific.  He has had the pleasure of presenting the war production workers of DeKalb, IL and US Navy veterans with certificates of award and continues to work on securing a permanent display for the airport in DeKalb, Il. 

A great resource is Stag One:
Roger Keys' Collection
Found throughout the years, Roger has the skeleton coming together of the TDR One in Dekalb Illinois.  See images of it below in the wild.
Fuselodge in front of the the Wurlitzer Plant
Dekalb, IL
Close up of fuselodge on trailer
Dekalb, IL
Aircraft canopy and fuselodge inside the Wurlitzer Plant
Dekalb, IL
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